APPLE VS ANDROID – Which one best.


Mobile phone segment has been witnessing a battle year to year . Apple vs Android is a battle between two great tech phones . Each upgrading itself to a maximum level . Apple vs Android is a tug of two tech giants.

calculated results shows that together , they have a sale of 95% in smartphone range . This trend is follow itself . Both devices are powerful . A good design and better software leads them in race .

Android OS or simply say Android belongs to google , is based on linux and is free source and developed by android inc. The company later taken by google in 2005 .

On the other side Apple is brand . Apple iOS is mobile operating software . Android overtake iOS with 87% sales and apple have 12%. Battle did not end here , there are many other factors other then sales.

Android have more shares in Asia and africa while iOS Leads the market in US,Australia Europe etc .

Android have a better choice range due to models and companies . Many of users are still using old versions of android . This becomes are problem for android . On other side Apple have fixed number of devices to upgrade and its easy to maintain for apple devices and softwares . This becomes big headache for google to solve bugs and upgrading .

Apple is safe compared to google . Android is not safe as apple and this is reason that US people use Apple . Apple vs android is a good battle to watch . One more feature where apple leads is user interface and experience . Apple clearly tops the chart . Android comes in at second place in the list .Apple Gives a simple and clear interface , which is easy to use and navigate . But google Android offers deep set of menus to use .

Apple have fixed default interface .

Apple vs Android security and privacy

We mentioned above that OS is open source and iOS is not an open source . Its easy to hack OS and difficult to hack iOS . Apple apps are designed by Apple experts and are uploaded to iStore . Apple mobiles use apps only from iStore but android can access apps from open sources . It is harmful for android users . In security concern apple take lead.

Applications – Apple VS Android

Android users are superior in this case as android access a lot of different type of apps . Apple givesĀ  some specific applications . Android applications are designed easily . Android application designing is easy due to a deeper access to OS .

Maintenance and bug fixing are difficult in android . It is easy in apple operating system or iOS System. Apple apps are advanced compared to Android applications . They are well presented in apple iStore . Apple user have more in app purchase . Revenue generated by apple store is much more than apple . This was a big difference in both the devices applications.

Android app development need 40% more coding than Android . It is a good factor for developers . Apple products have a huge price which is a bad factor for its less sale .


This was a small battle between Apple vs android . Mention your comment below . if you enjoyed reading comment below . It was a nice battle . There are so many other factors which i will discuss in more posts .


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