Body Line

Playing cricket is normal for everyone . We play cricket for fun and entertainment . There are many type of bowling and batting in cricket . One of them is BODY LINE which was introduced ancient time when British played cricket. This article have some instances on deadline bowling . What is Body line and how it started.

Ashes Series

‘Body line’ is a word in cricket . The name body line is bowling type. It was first introduced in a match between Australia and England which later became a great story in cricket history.

Every two years England and Australia play a series of five test matches . This is so old practice which was started in 1861. Test match was not known before 1877. Those days cricket teams Traveled a lot to play cricket match .

They traveled a lot of distance in ships just to play a match . There were no TV that time and people visited stadium to watch cricket . Newspaper was the only source to get cricket news .

Tour 1881-82

There was great craze of cricket . In 1881-82 Australia defeated England at London cricket ground. The ground was in Oval Shape . This happens first time in history where Australia defeated England in a test match .

This was a great proud moment for Australia . Some of Australian newspaper published that England cricket was dead and it’s ashes were taken by Australian to Australia . This news spread in England newspapers .

England predicted to win next test series against Australia and they did . England won next text series . Australia team lost on series again.

This was a great reply from England team to Australian team. This incident become world famous and later named as ‘the ashes series’ and the urn become trophy shape of the series .

History again repeated itself and in the series of 1930-31 Australia won the ashes series . The series gave birth to a great cricket player and Australian batsman Donald Bradman . With his great knocks he impressed everyone in this series .

Donald Bradman

He scored two centuries and two half centuries . He made a great contribution to Australian win in this series . After this series he played regularly for Australian cricket team and made his name in cricket history. Donald Bradman  given a great honour. He later known as master of cricket Sir Donald Bradman.

It was turn of England cricket team to take revenge and England appointed R Jardine a leading batsman and named him ‘Iron Duke’ Captain of England team. India and New Zealand started playing cricket . England team made many strategies against Australian team and Donald Bradman .

Jardine watched previous matches and decided to bowl fast bouncers to Donald Bradman . This was great chance to hit batsman body which would upset him . This ball later came named as Body line.

BODY LINE is ball most importantly bowled along body.


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