Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 , Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 date , Ganesh chaturthi 2018 Pooja time .


Ganesh chaturthi Date 2018 : 13 September

Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated as birth anniversary of Ganesh ji . Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 will celebrate on 13 september 2018 . On the day of Ganesh chaturthi people all over india worship Lord Ganesh . All over india people do puja and play with Colour Ganesh chaturthi pooja time is very important .

Lord Ganesh is left in sea . Temples are decorated in india. Everyone enjoys this festival . Children play with gulaal and sweets are distribute to relatives , friends. Lord ganesh is born in shukla paksha .

Please note that i write content to get my website verified so dont judge my content. Note that Ganesh is son of shiv but ganesh is serve first . There is story behind this concept.

Ganesh Sthapana and Ganesh Puja Time

Please note is carefully . Ganesha pooja is  best during Madhyana as Lord Ganesha was Born in that time. We Remember God because we believe in God.


In different Area people follow different time for pooja and sthapana .

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chavithi or Vinayaka Chavithi is hindu Festival . It is a 10 days celebrated festival . It starts on fourth day of Hindu Luni -Solar calendar month Bhadrapada and falls in month of august and september . Ganesh ji served before all the god . People from different cities visit mumbai to celebrate this festival .

Laks of god are . Public preparations began in early in month and last till the celebration . Local mandaps are everywhere in india for daily Poojan . Lord ganesh is remember all 10 days of the festivals . It is most popular in Mumbai city . People from Mumbai city celebrate with full joy and there is a ganesh ji every house .

Prayer Time

People all over india decorate small mandaps for their home Pooja . Artists create clay models and sell them in market . Lets celebrate festival according to God.

In India ganesh chaturthi we  normally celebrate at homes . We really enjoy this festival .In goa ganesh chaturthi is know as Chavath and some other parts of India it is know by some other names  .

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People of Mumbai colour the city with Gulaal  .  Most importantly People play with Gulaal and colour each other with gulaal . It brings a lot of happiness to city . Ladies enjoy bhajans and make sweets at homes .

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