Steps to rank article in google

Rank article ,Steps to rank your article in google


Recently started posting articles on your website , must know these tricks to ranks your post in google.

It’s a great way to start building links , increase traffic on your site and rank your article in google

Unless your articles are not ranking well in google search results , you are not going to progress . Understanding SEO is best way to rank your website in google and stand out.

To rank your article in google you need to implement some proven tactics to boost your ranking in google. Following are guide to rank better on google search result.

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Optimize your keywords

First and the most important step to rank your article in google is keyword research and choosing right keyword for your article .

Keywords are so important part of SEO. If you have right keywords them you are surely rank in google

But for this you need to understand which keywords are right for your article and you need to insert them in your article . For this you need to conduct some research before writing article . Its good idea to know which word you want to rank .

For this you can use Google keyword planner or Google trend . These tools are free and best for you to find best keyword for your topic . You just need to open Google keyword planner and type your word . This is best way to find good keywords .

Include Keyword in your main title .

If you need your article to rank in google . The first and basic way is including your keyword to your main title . You need to place is as early as possible . Best is to place your keyword in beginning of your article . Its first and basic step.

Include keyword several times in every article

Keyword in middle of article is old technique to rank your article . You should include the keyword a few times in your article.

If you find a place to place your main keyword thenĀ  place it !

Number of times you include the main keyword is up to you . It should look natural .

Include theĀ  main keyword in H2 and H3 .

Its also a good way to rank your article on a good position . This show google that your which keywords are your main highlights . Make sure you list main keyword in your subheading .

These are some of the basic ways by which you can rank your article in google . There are many more ways these are some of the basic ways by which you can rank your article in google . Next methods are coming soon.

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