Ragging is crime

Ragging is crime .


Ragging is crime

The real meaning of ragging is to introduce Freshers to the seniors in educational institutions. We gave it another sense and it has became a crime today. Junior students are threatened in the name of Crime  . Student of collage are treated in bad manner .

Ragging was introduced so that juniors can introduce themselves to their seniors . Today the word Iy stands for terror , horror , humiliation , scolding or even threat to life .

Strict rules and punishment are introduced against student who take ragging of their junior. Laws are designed to protect junior students and their rights. Again It hasn’t stopped and their are many complaints of Ragging .

It is no longer pleasing meaning attached to it . It is considered as strict crime . If a student is ragging someone ,he will be punished and fined. Gone are days when right juniors are taught about the rules and regulations of the institute or collage the just visited . It was mock interview of freshers

Status of Ragging

Today Ragging has become such a poisonous tree which spread poison in our society . These days senior tease Freshers about their looks and body structures. Tell them to do shit activities in front of seniors. Juniors are force to bow before seniors and fold their hands and greet them.

There are daily 2-3 cases of Ragging reported in India . The problem is making its root in our society and destroying students rights . Someone have to take a stand and stop Ragging. Let it be you , if your seniors are Ragging you so you should register a complaint against them.

INSO(Indian National Student Organisation ) protect students rights . So Join INSO .

Day by Day Ragging activities are making their roots in our society and student life . Hence it is quite imperative that a full stop must be put to this malpractice . Students who are tortured today will try it with their juniors tomorrow . Circle continues with every new batch and every new children.

How to Stop Ragging

Ragging teach new students how to violate laws and break them . So It is good be stopped by cutting it’s roots. There should be seminars to teach new generation about Ragging. They must be told that it is a serious crime and punishment is offered for this crime .

Just banning Ragging is not enough ,some other steps must be taken to stop it completely .  So Principal and hostel warden must be watchful. They need to be more and more strict . Their contribution is most important to stop Rag . Those students who break rules should take care to stop.

Ragging is a chain process so we will have to  break this  chain. So If we break this chain today coming tomorrow will be quite and beautiful. We can create a healthy environment by breaking these chains.

It is in our hand to create good environment in our study campus . Come together and kill the evil names Ragging .Even the supreme court of India keeping in view , have passed some strict rules that it is the most important duty of collage , institution to stop this crime.

The apex court has decided to disaffiliate collage or institute ignoring or violating the code of conduct . If collage is not taking any strict action against student’s complaints , Licence of collage are banned if student found Ragging.


It is crime so  we need to stop it . If someone is trying to Rag you please complaint . If you are doing this with  someone please stop it because it is against the laws and their is punishment and fine if you are found ragging someone. Please take care and be aware , Take care jai hind .

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