Top 10 Richest Countries in World

Top 10 richest countries in world


Top Ten Richest countries

This post is written on a famous topic which everyone of us need to know. Many of our visitors were asking for this post . There are many richest countries in world. Today we are going to talk about Top Ten Richest countries of world .


We will talk about their earning resources and their history . How they became the richest countries

With the advancement in technology and advancement in global populations. Some countries have improved their globally ranking in the terms of income and expenditure. When we talk about list of richest countries there are some of old names and some new names .

As per today’s record , the richest country in the world is Qatar with GDP of dollar 129,360 as determined by IMF (international monetary fund ) . The method used to calculated the wealth of a country is GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) . It is basically the wealth of all the services and goods accumulated in any specific country . Foreign income are not part of  GDP and hence not calculated in certain amount .

If we calculate the annual income of a single person in Qatar is $ 130,000 which is very high compared to India . This was about Qatar but there are many other countries which are in the list . some countries which are drag out of this race . Now let’s take a look at Nine other countries

2. Macao

This name is new for some of us . This country lies second in this race and is second richest country. Intresting fact about Macao is ,it ranked third last year and now acquired second place . It was a great jump from third to second .

Macao income mainly depend upon two factors .These two factors are tourism and gambling . It is only country in Chinese region where gambling is considered legal . Tourist from other countries visit here to play the gamble game . Most visitors are mainland China . The game increase its GDP and it ranks in richest countries .

Macao have 30-40 casinos which create a huge income daily. Over 50000 visitors visit here daily . These both are the sources of income for Macao.

Lets look at third place of Top 10 richest countries in world

3. Luxembourg

In the list of Top Ten Richest countries , Luxembourg ranks third . It is surrounds many famous countries like russia , Belgium etc.

Now let’s talk about the source of income .The economy of country mainly depends upon on industrial sector, banking and steel. The low tax of country bank from around the globe invest in the country which made impact on the lifestyle of people there. The tax in the country is very less which increase investors all over the world.

This post contains about only three countries . Next countries updated in next post. we had discussed top 3 of top 10 richest counties in the world

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