Who was Stephen Hawking?


Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was a great scientist of 1940 . He was one of the best physicists and great scientist . He was known world wide for his physics . Unfortunately he was diagnosed with a disease in 1963 .

The moment was a great turn over in his life . Doctors said that he would die before completing his doctorate . He fought with disease and however completed his doctorate in 1966. This was great proud moment for him .

Stephen Hawking soon published his first draft ‘A Brief History of Time’ . Life was running against him . Again his bad time started and a disease named pneumonia strike him. He turned hopeless due to his disease . Doctors some how saved him but he Lost his voice .

Hawking had a great potential to fight . He used computer system to have electronic voice . He used to communicate with others through electronic voice . Problems were striking him but he did not give up . He revised his draft ‘ A Brief History of Time ’ and the draft was soon published in 1988.


Again his life took him to another way . His book was published and it broke the sales record in a way no one would have predicted . Stephen Hawking achieved many records and received a large number of honours in his life .

His life was challenging him again and again but he stand stood . At last he won and became a great scientist . All over the world people tell his motivational stories . His biography also broke world records .

We have small problems in our life and we give up but look at Stephen Hawking . You must remember him whenever you give up doing a task . He was speechless but his mind was speaking a lot .

He wrote many books and broke many records . One of them was ‘ AN EDUCATION IN SCIENCE ’ lets take a look at some words that he wrote

Famous Lines

1. Whether we like or not the world has changed a great manner and it will continue changing in coming years.Some of us want to stop these changes and go back to the simpler ages . Our history says that our past was not as beautiful as today.

2.If someone from you want to stop the clock and move back to past times  . No one can change the advancements coming in future . Thing were going and always go like normal.

3. By accepting that science and technological changes cannot be stopped but can be given a right direction . Everyone needs to have basic knowledge of education . This is important because everyone need to take right decisionand change the world .

4. It is expected that study and technology will ensure a change in lifestyle therefore It has come to expect the steady increase in the standard of living that new developments in science technology have brought . Now days public have great interest in science and technology .

Famous thought

5. It need to understand that how science can be served that everyone understand it equally . One can implement in his or her life . What can be done to harness this interest and give public scientific background . This improvement is basic need to improve .

6. Children learn it to write it in exams and pass examinations and they do not see that it is present around them . They must implement science in their own lives . This id best way to change the study pattern .

7.It is very important to understand that public realize the danger and put pressure on all government to agree to large arms cut. we can reduce the danger by decreasing the number of arms . It is best method to save earth from war .

8. Nuclear war is biggest threat on earth . If we manage to avoid the nuclear war but there are so many other dangers too. There is a great reason that aliens did not contact us. If they reach at our stage their civilization can be destroyed .

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