What is Bitcoin ?



Bitcoin is digital form of money . The system to exchange money online without paying loans . It allow people to send and receive money online . It is one of the biggest currency in world . This currency which is Bitcoin. Founder of coin is Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open source in 2009 . How someone can get bitcoin . You can exchange it from any good,service or cash . It does not need any bank to exchange this currency.

Main mining Objective is reaching a consensus between nodes where transition consider legitimate. The record of past transition is chain of blocks . Apps also mine bitcoin . There are apps which mine bitcoin for us . Play Store consist many apps that mine bitcoin .

You can earn from these apps . Note that you should have a goof smart phone for Mining process .

How one can get a bitcoin

You can simply exchange it with cash or services . It is a type of business as people invest in This Coin to earn large profit . Value of 1 Bitcoin is very high . Having 1 Bitcoin is large amount of money . If you want to invest your money, It is a great place to invest . Value of 1 Bitcoin increase and decrease with time . You can invest without any fear

Is It Safe to invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin is independent currency . No single person or agency controls it . If you are going to invest ,Its your own risk .It depends on the place where you invest . People with which you exchange and many other factors . Be careful and read all the conditions and terms of use .

Bitcoin Mining

Coin Mining is  a great source of earning . For coin mining you need a computer or a mobile phone . Your earning depends upon the your computer or mobile . If you have a computer with  great processor your earning will automatically increase . Your earning  depends upon hash power that you get from your computer . I prefer you to have a computer with maximum processor .



This article covered many topics . Some are important and some are for informational purpose . I Hope you Read it completely and Got knowledge .  Simple terms like Bitcoin and Earning process . This post have information for normal purpose .

Bitcoin is great source of earning compared to other sources of online earning . I will suggest to mine coin if you have a good computer at your home . Best thing about coin mining is that it is auto process and does not need your engagement in process . Just switch it and will start earning for you . You can have a super computer to mine more .

Coin is legal money earning process in India . Many companies are already mining and earning in lakhs in one day  They have super computers which have high hash power and generate a lot  income compared to basic computer or laptop . Mining did not need investment its free process overall . Satoshi is small unit of It as named before Inventor of coin.

Bitcoin as Invented by Satoshi and named before his name Satoshi.


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